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Medway Independents
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Chris Spalding

Your Independent Candidate
for Rochester and Strood

For Brexit for the Community
And Against Excessive Development

A true Brexiteer and Proven Campaigner on Local Issues

Chris Campaigned for and voted LEAVE in the 2016 Referendum

You Have A Choice!

Elect an MP who will actually work for you not just say they will!
An MP actually in the Constituency not all over the Country!
"I will vote in Parliament for the constituency and the community,
not to further a political career or because a party told me to!"

Service Before Self

Chris grew up in Chatham, went to the Rochester Math School and is very much involved in the community in Medway. He has a history of serving and helping others. Scout Leader, Rugby Referee, Old Williamsonian Club Bar Secretary, Volunteer with a Homeless Charity, Football Referee and over 15 years service as an Army Reservist.

Independents do make a difference

This year Swale elected a bunch of Independent Councillors. One of the first things by the new Swale Council was to scupper a proposed development of 11,500 new homes!

Independent MP in the constituency


Career Politician all over the Country

"As an Independent MP I can represent you without the fear of being told to shut up by some party enforcer"

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